Sembawang Park Connector near to Parc Life EC

Sembawang Parc Connector is close to Parc Life EC for a leisure jog to Sembawang Beach

Sembawang Park Connector is a stretch of road that links Sembawang Road all the way to Sembawang Beach. It is the one and only road that links residents who are going to sembawang beach from Sembawang Town. Residents of Parc Life can enjoy a short getaway at Sembawang beach where it is serene and quiet. Also, there are ample restaurants available at Sembawang Park for your family to enjoy a dinner accompanied by sea view.

Sembawang Parc Life

Sembawang Park Connector

Sembawang Park Connector is also a favorite road for joggers who are looking for outdoor jogging in the woods. There is a jogging track available for residents to take a short run to Sembawang beach via the Sembawang Park Connector.

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