Parc Life EC Site Plan

Parc Life EC Site Plan and Amenities

Parc Life EC Site Plan

01 – Lantern Pavilion Spa

The best spot to relax, this circular illuminated spa pool
with an infinity edge overlooks Canberra Park.


09 – Lounge Deck

10 – 50m Infinity Pool

11 – Poolside Cabanas

12- Kids Splash

13 – Recreation Zone

  • Function rooms
  • Media Room
  • Handicap toilet
  • Male and Female changing room
  • Stream room
02 – Hydrotherapy Spa
Rejuvenate with the healing power of water.
Features a set of massage jets and spa pools.
03 – Rain Spa
This unique pavilion stimulates the gentle
feeling of having raindrops fall on the skin.
04 – Friends Spa
This spa pool is part of an outdoor function pavilion with barbeque facilities—great for parties and socializing.

14 – Gourmet Pavilion

15 – Dining Pavilion

16 – Gymnasium

17 – Wellness Corner

18 – Tennis Court

19 – Foot Reflexology

20 – Kids Party Room

21 – Pet Hut

22 – Pet Run

23 – Children Adventure Play

24 – Play Lawn

05 – Steam Spa

Enjoy the therapeutic of treatment of a steam room
within the lush greenery and water features.

06 – Cozy Garden Spa
Get cozy and intimate in this spa designed for couples and small families to enjoy lazy moments together in a tropical garden.
07 – Play Spa
Part of the wading pool, it features soft jet sprays
and water play features that will appeal to kids.
08 – Kids Bubble Spa

Children can benefit from hydrotherapy too! This is another made-for-kids fun spa pool with softer currents and air bubbles that tickle the skin.

Parc Life EC

A look at the site plans indicate that the theme of Parc Life EC is based on spas. There are major spas that spread across the development that provide a more healthy and relaxing lifestyle for its residents. These spas include many healing and kids spa so that your family can enjoy the benefits of health spas at your own house. There is also a side gate at Parc Life that makes commuting to and from Sembawang MRT a breeze and reduce traveling time to the city and back home.

Parc Life Showflat and Prices

It can be seen from the site plans that all the units are having the almost perfect North South facing. These facings are desirable as it reduces the west sun and in particular, allows a more windy air flow.

Parc Life EC is also right next to Canberra Park when owners can take a leisure stroll around the park area. The park also ensures that there will be more windy for residential units in Parc Life as the park is not raised and therefore is unblocked. Given the north south orientation of the development, this will mean more breeze for the development in Parc Life.

Fraser Centrepoint Sembawang

The development overlooks the luxurious Sembawang nature area. Please kindly look at the location. An exclusive and serene living environment awaits you at Parc Life EC.

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