Sun Plaza near Parc Life EC

If you’re seeking a unique shopping experience in Sembawang, Singapore, Sun Plaza is the place to go. It has shops, services and a fun atmosphere. The center also has several dining options. The center was redesigend and renovated in 2015. This allowed for an updated look to the area and a mix of shops to appeal to everyone. Not only does Sun Plaza offer a great shopping experience, there are also educational opportunities.

Sun Plaza near Parc Life

Sun Plaza has several shops for those into fashion and beauty. Check out Shine, Sorella, Lulu Style or Bata, just to name a few. The department store Tom and Stefanie sells many locally made brands and products as well as a wide variety of goods from all over the globe. The plaza also has a bookstore, Du Yi Bookshop and a GNC Live Well for those interested in health products.

If you’re visiting Sun Plaza you can take advantage of many of the educational resources it has. There is a large public library, the Sembawang Public Library, along with a learning center. If your children are into dancing, the plaza also has a dance school called Dancepointe Academy.

Sun Plaza Sembawang MRT Station

Dining options are plentiful in Sun Plaza with everything from street snacks to full dinner menus. There are places that specialize in herbal tea, sushi, noodles, as well as dumplings. Check out Cane and Juice or Wow Tako for a fun eating experience. Proofer Boulangerie offers the classic favorite pizza, along with other baked goods.

Sun Plaza is more than shopping, it has everything from a library to a dance school. It also has a unique blend of shopping to make anyone happy. The plaza has a department store that sells many different items and has great prices for those seeking a bargain. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to visit one of the many eateries.

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