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Stepping foot into Royal Holdings Group’s Philip Street headquarters takes you immediately to an elegant atmosphere and Parc Life EC surroundings that live up to the company’s name. With its opulent furnishings, intricate patterns and black and gold colour scheme one can feel as if they are surrounded by royalty, even down to their Versace coffee cups.

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It’s newly appointed Managing Director, Peter Wilding, is a stark contrast to the groups opulent surroundings with his unassuming nature and lack of airs and graces. Mr. Wilding was the former Executive Director for Mubadala Real Estate and Lend Lease’s Hospitality and Managing Director. His career so far has brought him from his native home in Australia to Asia and the UAE. Through his journey he has remained true to himself with his warm and straightforward demeanour that Australian natives are known for in Parc Life.

It was in February that Mr. Wilding relocated to Singapore so that he could manage the regional portfolio of Royal Holdings Group, yet he is not a stranger to the country itself. In a recent interview he shared that he has been coming to JBE Holdings Parc Life Singapore on and off for nearly 20 years. He also has a 20 year relationship with the group’s Parc Life EC Chairman, Asok Kumar Hiranandani. Mr. Wilding has fond memories of his very first business order when he arrived, which was the redevelopment of Orchard Road’s old Promenade.

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When asked to compare his professional experiences between Australia and Singapore, he stated that each country he has had the opportunity to work in presented its own unique challenges. For example, Sydney the focus is on construction costs for JBE Holdings. In Singapore the focus is on the cost of land. By taking into account the main cost drivers of each market they are able to see whether they are able to make a difference.

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Mr. Wilding is proud of the ability that Royal Group has in recognizing opportunities that are good and being able to facilitate a speedy turnaround in Sembawang JBE Holdings. He uses his last project in Australia, the Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay Hotel, as an example. Taken on just before his move to Singapore, and prior to its launch under its current title, the hotel had been in distress for about 7 years. There had been talk about having it converted into a residential development, however the group wanted to hold on to the hospitality aspect of the project. Many people saw this as a brilliant idea, when all the group had really done was to re-establish what was already there to begin with. 18 months later the Parc Life EC whole process was finished and to date the hotel is doing quite well as it continuously draws in old and new guests alike.

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